The Bar Africa launches ‘Furniture Palace Mid-Year Sale’ campaign

The Bar Africa says that there’s a sea of mid-year sale promotions come June and July in Kenya — with the furniture category being no exception. In fact, people wait for these sales and hold off on their purchases with a view to hunt for the best deals.

Kenyans, by and large, are non-confrontational and conservative as a people, adds The Bar Africa. The idea was to go against form and depict the opposite: pitting people against each other in the fight for their favourite furniture pieces in the ‘Furniture Palace Mid-Year Sale’ campaign.

The executions followed this theme across OOH, with bite-sized videos on social and incidents caught on CCTV cameras at their showrooms. 

“The idea was to go against form and depict the opposite. The campaign is also proof that you don’t need big media and production budgets to be memorable and have a big impact,” says Shounak Guhatakurta, creative director and co-founder of The Bar Africa.

“The Bar Africa brought a fresh and out-of-the-ordinary creative approach to its annual mid-year sale campaign and more so how the category is advertised in Kenya. While our objective is focused on attracting customers and boosting sales, it’s important to have a partner that understands both business and brand building — exactly what The Bar brought to the table: next-level creative prowess and unconventional thinking,” concludes Simran Saleh, marketing officer at Furniture Palace.

For more information, visit www.thebar.africa. You can also follow The Bar Africa on Instagram.  

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