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  • February 7, 2023

Dress up a sunny pathway with these flower-filled beds.

<p>Gary Palmer</p>

Planted along pathways, lawn edges, and other high traffic areas, border gardens should be colorful and eye-catching, yet manageable and unobtrusive. In this design by Nick Cutsumpas, aka the “plantfluencer” known as Farmer Nick, a mix of cold-hardy and warm-season perennials creates a long-lasting display of color from spring to fall. This design also features a range of leaf shapes, sizes, colors, and textures with exotic caladiums, fuzzy lamb’s ears, and rugged coneflowers, ensuring plenty of visual appeal throughout the growing season.

Plants for Creating the Colorful Border Garden

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  • July 19, 2022

Rain gardens are a way to keep stormwater from running off your yard while making it more beautiful. With a little planning, you can install a beautiful, easy-to-maintain rain garden that keeps water in your yard where your plants can use it—and not running off and washing fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides, pollutants, and animal waste into the storm drain and local streams and ponds.

Rain garden design tips

Most residential rain gardens are fairly compact, typically ranging in size from 60 square feet to 180 square feet. The water gardens can be any shape and size including popular designs like

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