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  • July 27, 2023
The Bar Africa says that there’s a sea of mid-year sale promotions come June and July in Kenya — with the furniture category being no exception. In fact, people wait for these sales and hold off on their purchases with a view to hunt for the best deals.

Kenyans, by and large, are non-confrontational and conservative as a people, adds The Bar Africa. The idea was to go against form and depict the opposite: pitting people against each other in the fight for their favourite furniture pieces in the ‘Furniture Palace Mid-Year Sale’ campaign.

The executions followed this theme across

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  • July 18, 2023

The Botanical Society of South Africa is celebrating its impressive 110th anniversary this year, marking over a century of remarkable achievements.

Commonly known as BotSoc, this organisation is dedicated to conserving the indigenous plants of South Africa through various programmes aimed at enhancing knowledge, cultivation, sustainable utilisation, protection and appreciation of our natural ecosystems.

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BotSoc, which was founded on June 10, 1913, is a member-driven organisation that provides opportunities for citizen scientists, amateur nature enthusiasts, the general public and environmental experts to collaborate and contribute to solutions for

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