Q&A: The Woodlands interior designer shares home decor tips

Carla Aston has owned Aston Design Studio LLC in The Woodlands since 2001. Carla Aston’s studio designs residential interiors by creating meaningful and functional spaces. Her blog also includes examples of mood boards and information to help choose a color palette.

How can I choose the best colors to go with my hardwood floors?

The best way to determine the color of your wood floor is to compare it to other wood floors. Go to a flooring store or Home Depot; put your sample up next to a bunch of their options; take some photos of the comparisons; and when you get back home, study it, and the color will become apparent. Once you determine that, you can build a color palette that will work with what you have with more confidence.

Should I pick what colors I want for my walls or furniture first?

Definitely furniture. You always start with the items in a room you have fewer choices for and work out from there. There are a jillion different paint colors, so the paint should always be last if possible. You can get a shade of any color in any type of paint you desire, so to begin the design process with the item featuring the most infinite selection just doesn’t make sense.

How does light affect color?

Light does affect color, especially indoor lighting. Most people have gone with LED lighting these days and have different temperature levels. We usually use 3000K LED lighting to get a nice warm but whitish light. Most designers like 3000K for interiors these days as it renders colors best. Do not go with 5000K as it comes off really blue inside and can distort your colors.

How do I achieve a balanced look throughout my home?

To best achieve balance, it is good to consider the opposite sides of the color wheel. If you have cool-toned finishes in a room, adding something warm will add richness and depth. For example, in a gray kitchen, I will use brass hardware and lighting. If you have beige travertine flooring and beige paint, try some blues or cool greens and creamy bright whites to help balance the space and mix things up.

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