Optimal Steps to Keep Soft Furniture Clean during a Pandemic in this Way

Fimela.com, Jakarta Pandemic corona virus still showing an increasing trend from day to day and making activities outside the home still limited, in fact there are still many companies that implement work from home policies and schools still regulate their students to continue to run school from home for mutual safety.

Concentrated indoor activities during the pandemic corona virus adding to the risk of an invisible hazard, namely the attack of mites (Dermatophagoides), microscopic animals that feed on flakes of human dead skin which each hour produce 600,000* particles released from the skin. The high frequency of activities in the house certainly increases exposure to soft furniture such as mattresses, sofas and carpets where mites usually nest.

Although it is often considered not a dangerous animal, mite bites and droppings can become allergens (allergy triggers) and trigger asthma, causing symptoms of shortness of breath, chest pain to coughing, this can lower the body’s immunity which we really avoid when the case of COVID-19 is still ongoing. keep growing.

HydroClean® emphasizes the importance of cleaning soft furniture at home

HydroClean®  emphasize the importance of cleaning home soft furniture during a pandemic

HydroClean® emphasizes the importance of cleaning home soft furniture during a pandemic

A study states that the average house that has been cleaned every day can still harbor more than 5,000 types of bacteria and 2,000 types of fungi, so professional services are needed to solve this problem. HydroClean® was established in 2015 as a pioneer of premium cleaning services for mites and the first professional dust in Indonesia to announce that the HydroClean® brand and HydroAllergenic® technology system have been officially registered with the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, thus confirming that this technological innovation belongs to PT Hidro Klin Indonesia as a company that houses the HydroClean® brand in supporting the process of serving customers, not only as a service for vacuuming mites and dust, but also ensuring that the house remains hygienic and safe without chemicals.

The HydroAllergenic® technology system itself is known as a separator system that has a suction power of more than 20,000 rpm and is able to separate air, dust particles and inhaled mites by isolating 99.99% of particles in water media so they will not fly into the air, 100% dry and free of chemicals . HydroClean® also introduces another innovation in their service, namely MicroTech-Ray™ in the form of UV irradiation technology and the release of ozone gas that can kill germs and disease-causing bacteria in the air.

Entering the new normal phase, it is very necessary to comply with health protocols and routinely clean various furniture in the room both at home and in the office, including using professional services to ensure minimal risk from the spread of the virus.

Pratiwi Halim, Founder of HydroClean® explained “HydroClean’s main strength is in terms of people development. We believe our team at the forefront of meeting customers every day is the face of HydroClean. The comfort and safety of our customers and our team will always be our top priority from the very beginning of HydroClean’s operation until now.”


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