Microsoft updates Surface Duo Design Kit

Microsoft has announced the latest release of the Surface Duo Design Kit, which is a collection of design patterns, guidelines, components, and more for developing dual screen apps. 

Version 2.2 of the kit includes an update to the device frame dimension and new component variations.

According to Microsoft, device frames are useful for prototyping and sharing in-app screenshots. With this update these screenshots will more accurately reflect what the app would look like on a real device. 

The component library now includes variations for Surface Duo 2 and uses Figma’s component set feature to make it easier to find the model, orientation, theme, and type that you want to use. 

As an example, in version 2.1 of the Design Kit, if searching for the App bar component, you would be given a list of 32 similar app bar thumbnails with long names. With this update, when you search there will be one thumbnail result and then you can choose the property to expand a drop down menu. 

“For example, I need a dark theme app bar for Surface Duo 2 in landscape mode. I would select Surface Duo 2 in Model dropdown; Dark in Mode dropdown; Single in Screen dropdown; and Landscape in Orientation dropdown. And there you go! The component is ready for you to fill in with your design contents,” Yuran Liu, designer for Surface Duo Developer Experience at Microsoft, wrote in a microsoft.com/surface-duo/design-kit-update/”>blog post.

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