He returns home positive for dengue fever, disinfestation starts in Gorizia

A human case of Dengue was discovered in a citizen of Gorizia. The infected was returning from abroad when he began to show the first symptoms of fever, particularly widespread in tropical and subtropical areas. To certify the infected person was the Hygiene and Public Health structure of the Prevention Department of the Julian Isonzo University Healthcare Company, immediately reporting the fact to the municipal administration. The virus is viral, spread by infected mosquitoes of the genus Aedes. It is not transmissible from human to human.

In any case, the infected person can be bitten by other mosquitoes which could then transmit the virus to other people. For this, a disinfestation against mosquitoes will be carried out, as required by law, in the affected area. All activities are followed and coordinated by the Region. Alerting the population, the mayor Rodolfo Ziberna, in agreement with the councilor responsible for the matter Francesco Del Sordi and the executives, signed an order informing that the disinfestation will be held, indicatively, from 7 pm until late in the evening. for 10, 11 and 12 September.

The intervention was arranged in: via Pocarini from 1 to 5, via Piave from 16 to 17, via Torriani from 56 to 66 and from 49 to 67, via Vicenza from 1 to 13 / b and from 2 to 10, via Bassano from 1 to 5, via Venezia from 1 to 5 and from 2 to 10, via Brigata Pavia from 56 to 102 and from 25 / a to 51, via Matteotti from 1 to 15 and from 2 to 14, via dei Gelsi from ‘1 to 31 / a, from 2 to 18 and from 30 to 36, via Gramsci from 2 to 4 and from 5 to 7, via Colonia from 2 to 8, from 7 to 13 / a, 17 and from 28 to 30 and piazzali Scrosoppi and della Pace.

For this reason, the first citizen orders all residents, condominium administrators, commercial operators, managers of productive, recreational, sporting activities and in general to all those who have the effective availability of outdoor spaces in the area that includes indicatively the streets and civics indicated: to allow the access of the employees of the innovative services company of Basiliano in charge of disinfestation in order to carry out adulticide and larvicide treatments in non-removable outbreaks; to close the windows during the hours of execution of the pest control treatment and to remain indoors with windows and doors well closed.

Also appeal to suspend the operation of air exchange systems; keep pets indoors and protect their shelters and furnishings (such as bowls and drinking troughs) with plastic sheets; do not leave the linen exposed outside; before the treatment, collect the vegetables and fruit for immediate use from the vegetable gardens or, alternatively, protect the plants with plastic sheets in an airtight way; the vegetables must not be harvested for 72 hours: after their harvest and it will be necessary to carry out a thorough washing before their consumption.

Following the treatment, it is recommended to proceed, with the use of washable or disposable gloves, to clean the furniture, furnishings and games of children left outside who have been exposed to the treatment in case of accidental contact with the insecticide product, wash thoroughly the affected part with soap and water. From 12 September, it will be asked to allow access to the personnel of the company in charge and to the police and civil protection, in order to carry out the inspection of the site and the removal of larval outbreaks also present in the private area.

Also for the next few weeks, the mayor has to comply with the prescriptions of those in charge of removing larval outbreaks to prevent the same outbreaks from re-forming; avoid the definitive or temporary abandonment in public and private open spaces, including terraces, balconies and flat roofs, of containers of any nature and size in which it can collect
rain water; avoid any collection of stagnant water, even temporary.

In the case of containers that are not abandoned (but under the control of whoever owns them or actually uses them), the emptying of any water contained in them and their arrangement in order to avoid water collection as a result of rain; otherwise, close them by means of a mosquito net or watertight lid or weekly emptying on the ground, avoiding the introduction of water into the manholes; also required to treat the water present in manholes, drain grates, rainwater collection pits, present in privately owned spaces, using products of sure larvicidal efficacy.

Finally, keep the courtyards and open areas clear of weeds, brushwood and waste of all kinds, arranging them in order to avoid the stagnation of rainwater.

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