FBI: 40 human skulls, spinal cords used as ‘decorations’ found in raid on Kentucky home

MOUNT WASHINGTON, Ky. (WFLA) – A Kentucky man was arrested Tuesday after an FBI raid led to the discovery of dozens of human remains and skulls being used as “decorations” around the man’s home, authorities said.

According to a press release, James Nott, 40, of Mt. Washington, Kentucky, was being investigated by the FBI in connection with a search for firearms and trafficked human remains.

When police showed up to Nott’s home Tuesday, they asked him if anyone else was inside his home, to which he reportedly replied, “only my dead friends.”

News outlet WDRB reported the FBI found around 40 human skulls, spinal cords, femurs and hip bones inside the home. According to the news outlet, the skulls were used as decorations around Nott’s furniture and home, and one “had a head scarf around it, while another was in Nott’s bed.”

An AK-47 rifle, a .38 revolver and ammunition were also recovered from his home. Local news outlet WLKY reported black powder primers, electric blasting caps, a detonation cord, and inert grenade components were also found at the residence.

WLKY reported that the FBI said the 40-year-old had posted about selling remains on his public Facebook page last month. According to WLKY, the FBI found that Nott had also previously been in contact with a man in Pennsylvania who possessed human organs and “had connections” to others who were selling remains.

One of the people the Pennsylvania man had connections to was Cecil Lodge, a morgue manager for the Harvard Medical School Anatomical Gift Program. The FBI said Lodge was also using Facebook to sell stolen remains.

WLKY said the FBI became aware of Lodge after the man told them about a network of people who sold and transported human remains.

Nott made his initial appearance before the Western District of Kentucky Tuesday and had his detention hearing on Wednesday.

The only charge Nott is currently facing from this investigation is possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. If convicted, Nott could face up to 10 years in prison.

The FBI and the Mt. Washington Police Department are investigating the case.

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