Amazon Has a Secret Sale on Tons of Great Furniture and Home Goods

Photo credit: Amazon

Photo credit: Amazon

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If you’re in the market for new bedding (be it for a set of soft new sheets, a fluffy new comforter, or a cozy throw blanket), you’ll know that buying bedding can be expensive. When buying online, it can also be tricky because you can’t touch the fabric in person. But thanks to a lesser-known section of Amazon, you can see what products are popular among satisfied buyers—and snag some sweet deals in the process.

Amazon’s Movers & Shakers section is updated hourly to reflect the site’s biggest gainers in sales rank over the past 24 hours. The list is organized into 39 categories that are each sorted into 100 of the top sellers of the moment, so you can see what Amazon shoppers are currently adding to their carts. Think of it as a timely, top-recommended section. Instead of sorting through thousands of reviews yourself, you can shop these items knowing they’re being bought frequently and rated highly. So even if you can’t feel that new duvet, you can read plenty of real-person reviews that describe it to you.

Shop the Amazon Movers & Shakers Home Section

In the Home & Kitchen section, you’ll find sheets, pillowcases, and duvet sets, along with items like curtains, small cleaning appliances, handy storage solutions, and more with thousands of five-star reviews. Take this microfiber sheet set, for example. It has over 120,000 positive reviews and right now you can score it for 44% off—the lowest price it’s been in the last 30 days. If you’re lucky, there are sometimes brand name items on sale, too. Keep an eye out for coupons or promo codes in your cart to receive additional discounts as well. amazon.com/Bedsure-Flannel-Fleece-Blanket-Throw/dp/B087RDRJ3K/?tag=syn-yahoo-20&ascsubtag=%5Bartid%7C2139.a.41109263%5Bsrc%7Cyahoo-us” data-ylk=”slk:This best-selling fleece blanket” class=”link “>This best-selling fleece blanket is being offered at 38% off, but you can get an additional 5% off when the provided promo code is added. Just be sure to check the section frequently, since these products are re-ranked regularly based on how people are shopping. What might be there today may be kicked off the list tomorrow!

Shop our favorite affordable bedding finds from Amazon’s Movers & Shakers below, or check it out for yourself movers-and-shakers/home-garden/ref=zg_bsms_pg_2?ie=UTF8&pg=1&tag=syn-yahoo-20&ascsubtag=%5Bartid%7C2139.a.41109263%5Bsrc%7Cyahoo-us” data-ylk=”slk:here” class=”link “>here.


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