18 Home Organisation Accessories For A Neat & Tidy Home

From partition shelves in the living room to wall niches in the bathroom, carefully thought-out storage solutions not only keep your home neat and tidy, they also maximise precious floor space.


Netflix The Home Edit: 10 Home Organisation Tips

Remember the cleaning and organising frenzy that was sparked after Marie Kondo dropped the series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo?

Netflix later partnered with The Home Edit for the television series Get Organized With The Home Edit.

Founded by Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, the organisational consultancy has since garnered millions of fans with their soothing Instagram feed and a bestseller book that doles out tips to organise possibly one of the most chaotic places in our lives — our homes.

Keep scrolling to find out 10 of our biggest decluttering tips we have taken away from the show and get to organise your homes.

1. Plan your home organisation

As the saying goes, if you fail to plan then you’re planning to fail. Think about your goals for the space you’re organising and what you want to achieve out of it. Are you trying to maximise your wardrobe space? Clearing out the kitchen? Or are you tidying up your children’s room? Your goal needs to be clear and intentional. Also, think about the workflow when you’re deciding what goes back here.

Other factors you need to plan for include whether you’re going to refurbish the area, repaint the walls or introduce new furnishings and organisational materials. Remember to take measurements before purchasing shelving units, storage compartments and furniture to minimise loss of time and money.

2. Don’t be afraid to make a mess

Once you’ve decided what space to organise, it is time to declutter. Rather than editing as you go (more on that with the next point), The Home Edit team practices placing everything into a giant pile.

The pile serves as a visual understanding of just how much you’ve collected over the years but it is not meant to just be a singular massive heap of items. Instead, sort the pile into broad categories such as shirts, dresses, jumpsuits or utensils, small appliances, pots and pans, etc.

3. Editing is queen

Now that you’ve got your pile of stuff together, it is time to edit them. Things that you don’t need or use anymore should vacate the premise immediately. Sentimental items should be placed aside but not before you consider carefully if they truly have a place in your heart.

Don’t be afraid to really be critical and give up things that will just take up prime real estate in your space. These can be donated to charity and serve a better home. Really spend time on this step to whittle down your belongings with the notions of whether to keep, donate, discard or move to storage.

4. Embrace trial and error

In the episode featuring Khloe Kardashian, The Home Edit team was tasked to organise her garage. The team wanted to use one of the nooks in the wall to place two shelving units side by side.

However, they had miscalculated the dimensions and had to move the shelves to another wall. This brings up a good point: trial and error is part of the process. Don’t fret if things don’t work out immediately. Rather, be flexible and find creative ways around your problem.

5. Create zones in your home

Zones are a way to compartmentalise and segregate your belongings to create a more systematic way of organising. In the first episode with Reese Witherspoon for example, she wanted her closet to contain past costumes from productions she has been in.

As such, The Home Edit team divided her wardrobe into sections such as Legally BlondeBig Little Lies and Red Carpet, each containing outfits specific to the category. Shoes, jewellery and accessories that were used to complete the outfits are also stored within the category instead of being cordoned off into fashion paraphernalia section.

6. Factor in your lifestyle

After creating the zones, you need to consider your lifestyle habits and needs as well. In the first episode, The Home Edit team tackles a paediatrician’s closet as well. Besides the usual clothing, bags, accessories compartments, the team also created a “transfer zone” where the doctor can empty the content of her bags before they are transferred into another bag she wants to use.

In another episode, the kitchen is organised to cater to different family member’s needs. For example, an area for coffee for the mother, a snack and drinks area for the children and a meal prep section for the father who is trying to eat more healthily.

7. Accessories matter

No, we are not talking about jewellery, bags and shoes here. We are talking about organising tools and implements. These can range from velvet hangers for clothes and hooks for bags to Lazy Susans and storage carts.

Bag and shoe stuffers, clutch dividers, jewellery boxes, containers and drawer dividers are also other accessories that will help. Opting for matching accessories will further create a sense of uniformity and calmness.

Home organisational shops are a great place to get inspiration on what is available in the market to aid your decluttering journey.

8. Keep everything in plain sight

It can be tempting to go with wicker baskets or coloured boxes to match the decor of your living space. The Home Edit team, however, prefers clear acrylic iterations as much as possible. Why?

This prevents us from slipping into the habit of things being out of sight and out of mind. In addition, this method also helps you keep track of what food items or backstock needs to be replenished before you’re caught off-guard.

9. Labels go a long way

Now that everything is properly decluttered and stored away, it is time to take the additional step of labelling every storage container and compartment. A label maker will save you a lot of time here or you can take the extra step of printing these out with special fonts.

Either way, labelling helps you and your family keep track of what goes where and helps keep everything in order.

10. Know your limits

Remember the zones that you have created? Combined with accessories like clear containers, they have an added benefit of signalling when the compartment is full and requires another round of decluttering when the need arises again. Maintenance, after all, is key to ensuring that your house and living space remains optimal and stress-free.

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18 Home Organisation Furniture & Accessories

Here are some furniture and accessories that offer great storage solutions for the home.

Organise Living Room

Conceal clutter and create more space in multifunctional open plan living social areas with these versatile pieces.

1. Zoning Shelves

In open plan living areas, bookshelves and display cases can double up as partitions that separate two different functional zones such as the dining and TV area.

Castlery’s Cliff Shelf ($899), which can be set horizontally or vertically thanks to its moveable racks, is a great choice as a partition bookcase or display unit. Conceal clutter and create more space in multifunctional open plan living social areas with these versatile pieces.

2. Bar Cart

The Baronet Bar Cart is a good addition to homes with open plan living and dining areas and is a great way to serve cocktails and snacks in the living room when you’re entertaining.

Crafted with walnut veneer and finished with brass accents, this cart provides ample storage for drinkware and table linen. It comes with lockable castors to ensure stability when the cart is stationary.

Retails for $2,559. Available at Commune in Millenia Walk

3. Stow items under the coffee table

A classical design, characterised by simple geometric forms, this duallevel coffee table from King Living’s Jasper Occasional Table Range allows you to store and display coffee table books, board games, objets d’art, or even small potted succulents or snack platters under its glass tabletop.

Retails for $1,326. Available at King Living showrooms

A relaxing entertainment area should be neat and streamlined. You’ll want to keep cables, sound systems, and modems wellconcealed when choosing storage for this part of your home.

Ikea’s Besta TV storage combination, which comes in a variety of different colours and combinations is an effective way to do so.

Retails for $1,302.50.


4. Hide all cables

Hide computer chargers, power strips, mobile phone cords and messy bits and bobs on your workstation with Ikea’s Roma cable management box. When you need to charge your computer or phone, just pull the cord out through the openings on the side of the box.

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Organise Study Room

Simple storage solutions like wall shelf units and stowaway desks can go a long way to create a beautiful and efficient study or home office.

1. Conceal your work desk

Handcrafted in Japan, the mid-century modern style Cornice writing bureau has cabinet space and a desk for reading or writing that can be stowed away when it’s not used. This gorgeous desk is ideal for compact study nooks.

Retails at $6,860 at the Atomi store

2. Multi-Purpose Wall Shelves

Wall-hanging shelf units are an easy and versatile way to use “dead” wall space. Ideal for children’s study rooms, Ikea’s Sportslig wall shelf ($24.90) is great for displaying trophies, toys, and books while freeing up desk and floor space. The Lack wall shelf ($29.90) is a robust suspended shelf rack that can be used to create customised shelving systems for files and stationery in home offices.

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Organise Bedroom

Compact and streamlined furniture with plenty of built-in storage is a smart way to make your bedroom feel more spacious.

1. Under Bed Storage

Under bed storage is an excellent solution for optimising bedroom floor space. Bed and Basics offers a variety of storage beds. The Aube Drawer Wooden Storage Bed ($399 to $499) includes two spacious and deep drawers and optional headboard storage equipped with a power outlet. The Hemnes Storage Bed Frame ($949 to $1,199) features a hydraulic gas lift mechanism that lets you lift the bed up to reveal a large storage compartment.

Try them out at Bed and Basics’ showroom at #02-01,36 Kaki Bukit Crescent

2. Opt for compact furniture

If you don’t have enough space in the bedroom for a large vanity, Ikea’s Kornsjo cabinet with mirror ($289) is a perfect option for a vanity-and-dresser combo with a compact footprint. This can even fit into tight corners while providing storage for folded clothes or handbags and a vanity for beauty rituals.

3. Make use of soft closing hinges

With its elegant and quiet design, King Living’s Serenade Bedside Table ($954) is a discrete bedside table with plenty of storage room. It comes with a deep, soft-close drawer that can be opened from either side. The tabletop is available in either timber or Carrara marble.

4. Multi-Purpose Dresser

Thoughtfully crafted and rustic yet versatile, the Seb four-drawer dresser from Castlery ($849) is a beautiful piece of furniture for storing folded clothes or personal items in the bedroom.

Made with a solid Acacia wood frame, engineered wood back, and metal handles, this sturdy mid-century inspired dresser also doubles up as a console for keeping books or displaying photos or artwork.

Retails for $849 at Castlery’s Orchard flagship store

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Organise Kitchen

Wall-hanging systems, cabinets with pull-outs, and clever interior accessory systems can make using your kitchen much more convenient and pleasurable.

1. Make Use of Wall Space

Instead of cramping your sink area with clunky utensil holders and dish racks, why not free up this space by using hanging storage? Local brand Song-cho specialises in stainless steel kitchen clean-up systems, and their 5390BS Utensil Holder ($67) and 15331S 2-Tier Dish Rack with ladders ($182.25) are just some of the smart clean-up products that can help you keep your kitchen neat and clean.

2. Pull-Out Drawers

Well-considered storage planning is essential to maximise every inch of precious kitchen space. Founded in Germany in 1923, Hafele designs pull-out kitchen drawers and storage systems that can be custom-made to suit your kitchen storage needs. Their Kosmo range of smart storage products includes base cabinets and corner, wall, and tall units that you can mix and match to suit your needs.

Retails from $607.48 to $906.54 at Hafele retail partners

3. Design Your Own Storage

SieMatic’s MultiMatic Interior Accessories allow you the freedom to design the type of interior storage compartments you need for your kitchen cabinets and drawers. These systems are equipped with a multifunctional track, which can help create up to 30 per cent more space in storage compartments. Trays are available in different finishes to suit different kitchen styles. Wall-hanging systems, cabinets with pull-outs, and clever interior accessory systems can make using your kitchen much more convenient and pleasurable.

Price upon request. Retailed at licensed specialised dealers and W.Atelier

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Organise Your Bathroom

Use wall niches, the corners of bathing areas, or the spaces under the sink and behind the mirror for smart bathroom storage.

1. Bath or Shower Niche

Looking for a beautiful way to store your toiletries in the bathing area? Then look to Hansgrohe’s XtraStoris Individual Wall to make bath time neater and more luxurious. Available in square and rectangular versions and in six finishes, including polished cold optic, brushed bronze and brushed black chrome.

Retails from $907.40 to $1,025.60 at The Water Studio by Hansgrohe

2. Get More Bathroom Storage

Created in collaboration with Belgian designer Bertrand Lejoly, Duravit’s D-Neo bathroom furniture is versatile enough to meet all your bathroom storage needs. Available with customisable drawers, open shelves and interior systems and designed with ergonomically shaped handles, D-Neo vanities and matching cabinets offer practical storage for all bathroom sizes and functional requirements. Prices upon request.

View the collections at the Duravit showroom at 63 Tras Street

3. Use Mirror Cabinets with Storage

Mirror cabinets can provide ample smart storage for toiletries and medicines while discreetly blending with the rest of your bathroom. Duravit’s Brioso, XViu, and Universal mirror cabinets come with LED lights and stand out for their sleek form and finely nuanced geometry. They are perfect for modern bathroom schemes.

Prices upon request. View the collections at the Duravit showroom at 63 Tras Street

4. Make Use of Corners

If you don’t have enough wall space in your bath or shower area to create a wall niche, Hansgrohe’s AddStoris Corner basket is a simple and effective way to make the best use of a corner. This wallmounted unit is available in six elegant finishes – chrome, matt black, matt white, polished cold optic, brushed bronze, and brushed black chrome – that will match most bathroom design styles

Retails for $108.40 at The Water Studio by Hansgrohe.

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Part of this article first appeared on The Singapore Women’s Weekly.

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